Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Talking about some freaky stuff

Hey everyone, since the last post, there has not been much change. I am busy doing different kind of stuff (mostly baking & experimenting in the kitchen but also some independent projects), so I won't be updating that often. Don't worry, deep down I am still the very geek that can't bear to be away from her world wide web connection too long. If you are interested to find out what I have been up to or the stuff that I have been reading then just follow me on my twitter JuliaBanana. The ease of sharing is just too addictive for me ;-)

Now, I present you one of the wackiest and coolest video that I have watched in the last couple week: Muzorama. Muzorama is a short 3D animation film based on the universe of french illustrator Muzo. Produce in 2008 with a six weeks production time. Directed by Elsa Brehin, Raphaƫl Calamote, Mauro Carraro, Maxime Cazaux, Emilien Davaux, Laurent Monneron and Axel Tillement.

Muzorama from Muzorama Team on Vimeo.

Ooo and I promised to share the result of some of my kitchen alchemy on the next post :-)


Ade Febri Saputra said...

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mampir2 ke blog gw juga ya kalau gak lagi sibuk...

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octarama said...

Waaaww.. totality absurdity! Love it! Numpang mampir yah btw :D