Monday, 10 March 2008

Woman can't be raped if she wears jeans

I was browsing through the news when I read this reportage. Apparently Italy's Supreme Court has ruled that a woman wearing jeans can not be raped. I'm outraged! How can that be a base of such a decision? I do not know further about the background situation on this case but the mind frame that women couldn't be raped when they are wearing jeans are wrong! There many possibilities like threats or under drugs influences to count. One layer of jeans is not going stop a man/men from raping a woman. It is a simple fact that most of men can easily overpower women. To hurt and destroy such sanctity is one of the biggest crime. Remember it is the body of woman who gave birth to humankind (with little help from mr.sperm of course).

Tuesday, 4 March 2008

Cute overload

The idea of personalising your favourite item has always been popular. With the increase of iPod popularity, it is a common sight to see Apple's signature offbeat-white headsets firmly attached to their proud owners. For those who feel the need to customize their favourite headsets, Emotibles offers cute accessories to complement your look! Termed as iPod charms, you can pick the expressions and colour that you like to be attached to your headset. The brainchild of Jonathan Curtis Hall and Kate Hall, Emotibles also sells different range of stickers and post-it notes apart from free emoticon downloads and wallpaper. You can get a pair of Emotibles iPod charms for 4$ and it does international shipping too ;-)