Monday, 13 July 2009

Headache and item not as described

Since the last couple weeks I have been contemplating to go back to Jakarta. Europe is still reeling from the economic crisis and it is quite obvious that the future is in Asia so I thought that may be it is time to return so I can catch up in time. However, this business of returning is so complicated, at least I don't have any mortgage obligation, but there are still enough headache. The problems range from mobile phone contract (that ends next year grrr), legalising all sorts of documents, last minute trips around Europe as well as selling my furnitures (and some wardrobe). eBay and Craiglist are of course on the top of my mind, but whee it is difficult and troublesome! Anyway, out of boredom I was browsing around and somehow I accidently found itemnotasdescribed. A website dedicated to share some terrific ads with offers that people can't refuse! You really need to check it out and here are some excerpts from the website.

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