Thursday, 15 November 2007

Earthrise and Earthset

A blue Earth sets over the Moon’s horizon in pictures released yesterday by the Japanese space agency JAXA. Tacky but beautiful....

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Friday, 26 October 2007

Where is it?

I am still looking for my ideal apartment...

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Serenades to accompany my slow afternoon

Just because I am being receptive towards my amorous sensibilities these days. I present you Edith Piaf, one of French brightest jewel. Her powerful renditions of tragic love songs leaves me feeling breathless holding my tears or simply sigh with wistfulness. Enjoy it with a good glass of wine and a cuddle to the one you love most.

La Môme Piaf and La Vie en Rose

La Môme Piaf and Je ne Regrette Rien

La Môme Piaf and Hymne à L'Amour

Diary of 20/10/07

I got my turban! I am so happy today that I managed to snatch 2 adorable shawls after prowling through the Jordan Market in Amsterdam along with the 'blink and you miss it' turban in H&M, acknowledgement to Modjo who happened upon it and pointed it to me. Grrr I hate living in smaller city with lesser access and options. The turban will get along exquisitely with the rest of my wardrobe to warm my cold cold ears (Yes, I am still moaning about missing the entire summer!). Now, I am still looking for the grey H&M poncho and H&M blue English boy school blazer, anyone who can help me? I haven't seen any of them in the Holland's branches.

It was also a 'blind shopping date' with the girls from FD Forum (Lorelai, Gretha, and Stephanie) who hail from Arnhem. It is a small world baby! Nice meeting you all :-) and we should do it again next time. My limbs are killing me! Too much walking however I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the the weather was fine, a bit cold, but fine nevertheless. My heartfelt sympathy to England's rugby fans (yes, you too Prince W and Prince H), at least unlike the football team, England rugby managed to exceed everyone's expectation. I can imagine Da Fonz rolling his eyes when he heard my amateur assessment *grin* so I will end it here. It has been a long and busy day for me.

PS: Modjo, duh bagi-bagi yah klo gw ketinggalan majalahnya :-D

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Mood changing music

Busy with many changes in my life (hopeful for a permanent job and looking for a new ideal apartment to share with the guys), often, I am left drained and cranky. To combat my crankiness, or my negative thundercloud as my friend once dubbed it, I have been trying to alter my mood via auditory sensor. And they are good alternative! It rivals the effectiveness of chocolates or shopping in lifting my mood, without the after regret of being broke or worrying over my waist. These singles make me feel like moving my body (which is good, blood circulations and all that stuff) so here I am sharing it with you lot. Hopefully you will feel cheerful after listening to them.

1..2..3..4 by Feist: this Canadian songstress is all about folksy and making me feel like skipping through the air.

Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John: you simply want to whistle along with them or in my case just humming along.

The Salmon Dance by The Chemical Brothers: apart from the super cute clip, the need to jiggle your bum to complete the beats is irresistible. Credits to Yurie-san for introducing The Salmon Dance as our background music during the 'blowing bubble' competition.

PS: Many thanks to Da Fonz for gifting me a new MP3 player to replace my broken iPod. Now, I can 'joget' and do a sing along in my train commute to work.

Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Ideal ensemble for a cocktail night out

Diane von Furstenberg: Luna mini dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs: structured tiered dress
Oscar de la Renta: crochet mini dress
Christian Louboutin: exclusive Emily shoe
Isaac Mizrahi: clutch for Target
Channel Chance eau de parfume
Channel rouge

Monday, 6 August 2007

Tempoe Doeloe (the Old Time)

When I saw the picture from an expat's newsletter in Jakarta, I was deeply impressed and felt compelled to share it. So here it is: Soekarno (the first president of Indonesia) with Marliyn Monroe (a sensual icon even to present day) when he was visiting U.S.A. The story goes that he, a reknowned ladies man (he practised polygamy with 9 wives), requested a special meeting with Miss Monroe. Upon meeting her, he was deep in admiration and complimented her as a very popular accomplished actress.

An end of a series

After a few weeks of abandonment I finally decided to write my opinion about the much anticipated book of the year: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow. The media campaign was so strong that perhaps the only way to escape Potter mania is by burying yourself in the middle of Baghdad (and that is not 100% full-proofs). I was not particularly excited or curious about result of the final battle between You-Know-Who and the boy who lives. It was the sense of nostalgia that prompted me to finish the series. Harry Potter was one the first English book that piqued my interests to learn English. I am one of the generations that grew up following Harry Potter’s adventures. Rowling has done a good work of making us feel emotionally related to Harry and his friends (I can’t say much about her writing skills although she is definitely a better writer then me). In the end after years of waiting and guessing, I closed the book, finishing it in 8 hours of marathon reading (watery eyes, stiff neck, and all) to conclude that yes, he is growing up like every other average children, leaving the simple world to the disillusionment that everything is not what is seen. No spoiler here people. Enjoy the book. PS: Sincere thank you to Da Fonz for his understanding when I completely ignored him to finish my reading. And for his persuasions so I didn’t throw a tantrum when I didn’t receive my book delivery in time.

Kim et Moi: Asian chicks with attitude

What desperate people do when they are desperately bored.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Blue blue sky

I was walking to my office today in Amsterdam when I saw a very adorable train of clouds. The clear blue sky definitely enhanced the effect. At last after several weeks of miserable rainy and cold summer, the sun decided to peek over her hiding place. I hope that she stays for awhile.

Friday, 27 July 2007

Kiri-kanan kena

Kali ini blog-nya pake bahasa Indonesia deh heuhu karena bikinnya pas di kantor, nggak lucu kalau dibaca salah satu orang kantor terus dibawa bermasalah kaya yang di berita-berita soal orang dipecat karena dianggap merusak nama baik perusahaan tempat bekerja dan sebagainya. Bingung memang untuk membuat keputusan kalau blog itu termasuk domain public atau kegiatan pribadi yang dilakukan diluar tempat / jam kerja. Tapi ini nggak bisa dihitung kali yah karena gw masih terhitung trainee hehe dan lagi gw sangat bergantung dengan ide kalau di kantor nggak ada yang bisa bahasa Indonesia atau nggak ada yang segitu cintanya sama gw buat meriksa-meriksa ini. Walau gw benernya uda janji buat ngelakuinnya di dalam bahasa inggris, hitung-hitung buat latihan huehue maklum gw hobi nyerocos tapi kalau sudah soal tulis-menulis jadinya mati kutu. Untungnya juga gw sempat magang dan salah satu tugasnya bikin gw wajib memproduksi minimal 2 artikel per minggu. Uih berat juga rasanya waktu itu, apalagi pas gw uda mulai kehabisan ide. Belanda nggak segitunya ada yang buat ditulis-tulis, apalagi kalau terbatas sama budget financial. Gw nggak bakal nolak loh kalau dibayarin kantor buat ngeliput acara-acara ok, sayangnya yang itu juga terbatas kemampuan kapitalnya.

Duh gw muter ke topik lain deh, “Bad habit,” kata Mr. Nijman, salah satu guru favorit gw dari jaman kuliah. Sadar kok, tapi ini kan blog pribadi jadinya boleh dunk ngalur ngidul nggak jelas. Yah seperti yang bisa diperkirakan, gw sedang menganggur berat di kantor. Entah mengapa mungkin karena sudah hari Jumat, udah makin deket ke weekend dan semuanya nggak sabar buat pulang. Padahal asli kemaren punggung udah mau putus, leher pegel-pegel, mata udah kering kerontang, dan migraine berat-beratan. Yah nasib lah, konon memang begini situasi karir periklanan. Uhum jadinya nih gw mau cerita soal derita gw mencari pekerjaan di negeri orang. Policy di Negara ini memang ketat banget kalau elo nggak punya passport Uni Eropa atao temen-temennya kaya Jepang, Australia, Amerika Serikat, dsb. Penuh dengan sakit hati deh karena jujur aja gw sangat merasa kemampuan gw nggak kurang! Bisa banget bersaing sama orang-orang Eropa lainnya, bahkan gw bisa dengan pedenya bilang kalau mereka suka gaptek dan lebih malas dibandingin misalnya yang dari Asia. Anyway, setelah penuh perjuangan cari kerja dan nggak diterima karena passport rajawali gw yang bikin repot buat urus ijin kerja, gw sudah sempet putus asa. Uang semakin menipis padahal sudah kerja sana-sini, hemat sana-sini, belum lagi ada perasaan kalau gw cuma buang uang dan waktu karena masalahnya bukan di gw tapi gw nggak bisa lawan kebijakan negara kan? Padahal gw sudah bela-belain nunda kelulusan dan nyari sana-sini. Frustasi banget deh.

Para perusahaan yang berminat nih (dan percaya deh banyak banget yang berminat), untuk mempekerjakan orang-orang dengan kewarganegaraan dunia ke 3 (ini aja udah insulting banget) harus membuktikan kalau posisi yang mereka tawarkan sudah diiklankan minimal 6 minggu dan mereka sudah mencoba mencari calon-calon pertama dari Belanda, lalu anggota Uni Eropa, lalu EEA, dan G8 (Amerika Serikat, Jepang, dll) . Nah kalau sudah nggak bisa nih baru boleh ngambil yang dari negara lain. Pilihan lain adalah digaji minimal 35.000 euro setahun, yah ampun itu mah buat middle management, lah yang fresh starter kaya gw gimana nasibnya. Padahal sejak dahulu kala gw selalu berambisi buat hidup mandiri, bisa bebas bikin keputusan tanpa diributin tetek bengek karena hobi ikut campur orang-orang di Indonesia. Bukannya gw sok angkuh kalau kehidupan di luar negeri bakal lebih ok, nggak banget karena dengan gaji dan pajak, gw bakal berakhir di studio room yang kecil pas-pasan, belanja pun seadanya nggak ada istilah nuntut the ‘it’ bag, nggak ada yang bantuin bersih-bersih atau ngerawat pas sakit (untungnya ada si pacar). Kalau gw mau gampang gw selalu ada bonyok yang memang pengen anaknya pulang, di rumah mau makan apa ada, cuci baju? Ada pembantu. Mau jalan? Ada supir. Nggak cukup duit? Ada bokap. Cuma gw nggak pengen kaya gitu karena dengan begitu gw bakal selalu terikat dibawah lindungan sayapnya bonyok dan mau nggak mau dengerin mereka (mending cuma bonyok lah kalau keluarga besar atau tetangga yang nggak jelas juga ikut rewel, iii nggak kuat deh).

Kebayang nggak betapa bahagianya gw ketika gw denger gaji minimalnya diturunin ke 25.000 euro setaun! Itu kan gaji standard buat orang yang kerja full-time, bahkan kebetulan ada posisi kosong yang bisa gw isi di kantor ini. Boss sudah setuju eh datang lagi masalah lain. Ternyata walau sudah diumumkan dari bukan Juli yang lalu, mereka belum bisa menerapkan kebijakan tersebut dan typical-nya Belanda, mereka nggak tahu kapan pastinya bakal berlaku. Gimana lagi ini, gw bener-bener down karena ijin tinggal gw cuma sampai akhir Agustus sedangkan kalau gw ngambil yang khusus buat lulusan lalu cari kerja cuma bisa sampai Oktober pertengahan. Gimana kalau sebulan gw tinggalin ternyata mereka berlaku? Kan sakit hati banget. Gw sadar kalau nangis dan throwing tantrum tuh nggak berguna cuma kalau frustasinya udah kaya gitu gw pengen kabur aja kaya anak kecil, cari gampang aja, apalagi gw sudah 2 tahun tidak pulang dan sungguh amat sanggat home sick. Setelah selama beberapa hari bete (sorry pacar) gw mutusin untuk tarohan aja. Seperti yang Kim (temen kerja) bilang, kalau elo mau sesuatu, fight for it! Dy bahkan suggests gw buat kawin aja sama pacar supaya bisa disini (duh nggak deh gw masih cupu banget). Setidaknya kalau kesempatan ini gagal gw bisa bilang I’ve fought tooth and nail for it! Kalau memang nggak bisa yah pastinya gw bisa pilih jalan lain.

Quote of the moment

"I refuse to believe that everybody refuses to believe the truth."

Lisa Simpson, prodigious daughter of Homer J. and Marge Bouvier Simpson of the Springfield.

Busy busy day

With so many activities in my schedule, lately I have been too lazy to update my blog. But I hope that I can find more time in the future. I’m so anxious these days, waiting for the new labour policy from the Dutch immigration department. It has been published on the 1st of July but unfortunately when I tried to clarify it, they told me that they are still anticipating the introduction of the policy (what do they mean with that?). So typical. I truelly dislike the idle waiting because it makes me feel so helpless. I am relying on this new policy so I can stay and work in the Netherlands. A big gamble. I miss my family however the urge to spread my wings and be more independent is strong. In the other hand I’m unwilling to leave my relationship. Difficult choice, I know that I can constantly count my father as my last safety net but my pride is appalled by such notion. I’ve always been disgusted by those money-sucking extended relations of mine, I refuse to become one of them! Cross my fingers that it will be successful.

Friday, 6 July 2007

Quote of the moment

"If i do something bad and there's no one there to catch me, does that make me good?"

Bart Simpson, son of Homer J. and Marge Bouvier Simpson of the Springfield.

Simpsons' Mania

This summer promised to be utterly dull, all work no play is turning me into a wacko. Add the weird weather into equation then it is as good as 'Do-Oh'. Except for one: Simpsons the movie! Yai! Always been a big fan, I'm one of the eagerly anticipating crowd. The buzz from the company is up and about! One of them is turning several 7-11 stores into Apu's Kwik-E-Mart! They even sell Krusty's cereal, very corporation, but I have to admit that it is very creative. So in accordance to Simpsons' mania, I made myself a cute avatar courtesy to Simpsons Movie. This is how I will look if someday I become one of Springfield's honorary citizen.

Wednesday, 4 July 2007

Galliano and Dior

Galliano with his penchant for dramatic designs, was not dampened by the rainy atmosphere in Europe, especially in Paris. His ball for 60 years Dior commemoration was magnifique! The ball took place in the orangerie of Versailles, can't get more theatrical I'll say. Many stars braved the weather to pay their respects to Galliano, but the truly shining one was his presentations. I have seen his exhibition before in Paris, and I must insist that he is still an old dog with fresh penchant of flairs.

PS: Dear daddy-long-leg, I desperately wish to posses the red coat and 'rose' dress. Promise that I will be really good.

Disclaimer: all of the pictures were taken from and the rights are reserved to them.

Monday, 2 July 2007

Erin Fetherson for Target

I managed to get a peek on Erin Fetherson's collection for Target from Fashionista and I must say that they are so cute. Grrr give me the gigantic heart bag, heart leggings, and coat! Alas I have to wait until November before I can get my hands on them. Thank goodness for my young Asian appearance hihihi I hope that nobody will complain that someone on my age doing a lolita look :-P

Tuesday, 26 June 2007

I want my salary in advance please

With the Dutch weather going awry, storm and torrential rains in the middle of June, I have been opting to exchange my flip flop and summer dress with something warmer. Still in denial I refused to budge from my "summer" feeling but find the need to necessitate it with a more reasonable apparel. I would love to get my had on this skirt from Dries van Noten and shoes from Irregular Choice.

I ♥ old school

I have alway been a fan of vintage style, from the 20's to the 50's. The time when the ladies came out looking so impeccable and pretty. Nothing is wrong with la Moss' out of bed style but I simply love dressing up with all those flowy skirts and cute pumps. Shame, that my lifestyle can't afford me to do it everyday, all of those running to catch the train and walking in the windy Holland make it impossible. Anyway I saw this really cute flowy dress in Miss Selfridge, and I would love pair it with these pairs from Irregular Choice.

Friday, 22 June 2007

Youth Tribes

Another interesting article that I read in Guardian. The teen editor Maude Churchill presents her own guide to today's England youth tribes. Apparently there are the new ten looks: the punk, the nu raver, the hardcore kid, the scene kid, indie boho, the scranner, wannage wag, the goth, and the skinhead. I'm not sure about this though. Should we categorize our style into certain tribe? How about some one as ecletic as I am? changing the mood and style like changing my socks. Read the article here.

Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Top Shop Rainbow Turban

If you like Top Shop's turban, now they have it in rainbow colour! The price tag is 10 quid. They previously offered in three colours.

New activities

I'm joining an advert company for this summer as an intern. It is going to be busy these days. I am giddy with excitement but I am also very nervous. Hopefully I can plow through this!

Saturday, 16 June 2007

Quote of the moment

"I might've been born yesterday sir. But I stayed up all night."

Up All Night, El-P.

Thursday, 14 June 2007

The Victorians

Spurred by my obsession with the ever dashing Mr. Darcy, I have been immersed with the paraphernalia surrounding Jane Austen's era, or the Regency overlapping to the Victorian to be exact. I find their fashion as intriguing since a lady is encouraged to put her asset (read: cleavage) to the best, while the man is closeted from top to bottom (even their necks were wrapped under their complicated cravats), then there is also the notoriety of the so-called Victorian's morality, and don't make start with the corsets as well as the piano legs. Apart from that I found a good website that answer most of my question, so if you are interested too, just check, there is also the website for the erotic diary of Henry Spencer Ashbee under the pseudonym of Walter: My Secret Life (it definitely destroys my preconception that the Victorians are prudes, too much repression?).


I'm going to spend my summer working under the traineeship of an international advertising company. I feel quite excited but anxious as well since I have no previous experience so I'm crossing my fingers that I can do my part. Hopefully they will like my work and employ me in the future.

Aerial advert

If you are landing through Gatwick Airport, you will have the opportunity to see this advertisement. Quite funny and creative I must, say but the planning officers and the Council to Protect Rural England think other wise. You can read the full article in Times.

The picture belongs to

Braille on clothing tags

Fashion is not limited to aesthetic visual aspect but it is about how you feel. At least that is what Jaimen Brill and Asmah Abushagur believe. They are in the process of forming the non-profit organization White Cane Label to help the blind and visually impaired shop for clothing and coordinate their outfits. Next month, Brill and Abushagur will pitch their ideas to leaders of the fashion world during fashion week in Rome, soliciting the industry to include Braille labels on their garments. This is a brilliant idea, as this is a simple thing that most of people look over and never realize until they have the problem. I hope that they can also help those who are colour-blind. Read the complete reportage in First Science.

Quote of the moment

"Upgrade your grey matter. Cause one day it may matter."

Upgrade (A Brymar College Course), Deltron 3030.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Space Invader ala H&M

In the lighter note, I just bought this piece from H&M for 10€. It is actually a shirt but I purposefully bought it several sizes bigger than my usual number so I can turn it into a mini dress. In fact, I was simply going to purchase some shoes but when I saw the pattern, I simply can’t help myself. It is a rip-off from the 70’s alien game boy characters that inspired the French street artist, the Invader, whose shirt will cost you more. It is also a reminiscence to my geek past hobbies of playing games, tribute to all of my old Nintendo, Sega, and PlayStation.

Wimar's Discussion 11-06-07

Attended Wimar’s discussion on the future of Indonesian’s new generation in Diemen InHolland, the Netherlands. I came there not expecting much, apart from curiosity and that it was organized by a friend of mine, but I was blown away. As characterized by Indonesian’s habit, the event was late for an hour, but it was intentionally done by the committee in the invitation since they are expecting the audience to be late. We even have a term on this habit, budaya ngaret, a.k.a. rubber culture referring to the custom of stretching the time and hour, hence the rubber. It is expected for people to be half an hour to 2 hours late depending on which part of region you came from, so if you have any social engagement with Indonesians, please be aware. I personally dislike this very tendency, but as he, Mr. Wimar Witoelar, said that it can’t be helped for each individual to have their own quirk, habit, hope, ego, and ambition.

Back to the event, the star himself came from Groningen, quite a long train ride, and he looked haggard. No wonder there with his tight schedule and health condition, I heard that he was not in a good shape these days. If any of you wonder who this guy is, then you can check his perspektif website. In short, he is a famous political-social columnist who has his own communication company and telly show, in addition to being the public spokesman of President Gus Dur (then the 4th president of Indonesia). He is also a professor of journalism in Australia, pretty illustrious I must say so I was unsure that he will be inclined to be patronising, as most people in his position tend to be. But in the one hour that we had, he was really down to earth, filled with humour, and bursting with energy. He is also very wide-minded, a liberal in a true sense, a champion of pluralism. This trait is rarely found among the people that I had the opportunity to talk to. During the discussion, I thought, “At last! Here he is, a man that is worth his salt! Finally someone with influence but still has the propensity to lower himself and listen to the voice of the younger generation instead of dismissing us as silly idealist.”

We were discussing that what should we, the students that study abroad, do after we graduate from our institution, should we return back to Indonesia or it is our prerogative that we stay overseas. It is a much questioned situation, many accusing those that refuse to return as a non-patriotic coward, but as human with selfish tendency, if we have the opportunity, why should we choose the lesser option (here as in working in Indonesia, with all of its problems of low wages, high corruption, etc.). He answers that such patriotism concept is the idea of the old regime, what we should think is what we can do for our future in Indonesia and in a way makes it a better place too. There is no point of living in Indonesia if all that you do is destroying it or simply fretting around. It is also your personal decision whether you want to return or not, don’t put your personal problem in the whole context of the nation. It is one big nation with 250 million people and its beauty as well as trouble. You don’t have to force somebody to follow your ideal, if you want to stay; please do so, if you want to return, do so too. Everyone has their right to make the decision and we can also contribute to the country by working abroad. Well said! He is putting all my swirling thoughts in a context. I can’t feature all of the discussion in the blog, but if you are intrigued please check in his website here.

Monday, 11 June 2007

Bargain from Paris

So far good food, good entertainment, and good looking people, unfortunately the fun was limited due to my financial restraints but o la la if only I have more money to spend in Paris. I managed to snatch a good pair of shoes for Da Fonz from Colette, really cute and reasonably priced. I was resigned that I was not going to be able to buy anything for myself but when we were walking around Marais (after a hearty lunch served by super handsome waiter, good lord, he is so out straight from magazine), we found this really cheap vintage (second hand, charity, whatever you call it) store. I procured a leather bag for 5€ and a nautical dress for 20€. Lucky me. I am definitely going to return to Paris.


As it is a common secret, most of the high street stores copy their designs straight from the catwalk. If before you are in love with Prada’s turban but was deterred by its sky high price tag, now TopShop offers turbans for those with limited purse. At first, personally I was not buying it, it is too difficult. Catwalk doesn’t mean that you can do it in daily life until I saw this girl sporting it in Emmanuelle Zysman shop and she looked really cool. Shame I can’t get any picture of her. Anyway, I like the grey metallic one, the pink and the yellow turbans seem to be rather garish. What do you think?

Sunday, 10 June 2007

Quote of the moment

"I am the first monkey to touch the monolith"

Collude-Interlude, Company Flow.

Discussion with Wimar Witoelar

Have been helping Lasoed preparing the event, nothing big really but seemed to be interesting. So people, if you are curious, please come and join the discussion.

Paris o Paris

Spontaneously went to Paris a few weeks ago with Viv and Beck but I was too lazy to post anything. It is a lovely city, very charming indeed and I'll go as far to say that the myth of rude Parisians is unproven. Perhaps they have improved their friendliness towards those ignorant holiday-makers (that kept on visiting their much beloved city, no wonder they are cranky)? Or because they are laughing at my pidgin French? Anyway I had memorable memories there. I had the opportunity to visit heaps of tourist destinations but also some really cool venues, you name it: Colette, Louvre, Eiffel Tower, Pompidou, the gigantic Louis Vuitton, Fauchon, etc. I walk, and I walk, and I walk, can’t say that I waste any of my precious time there. So far I really like the Saint Germain and Marais area, rather flocked with foreigners these days but still very refreshing compare to my usual haunts in the Netherlands. I can’t really say that I experience the atmosphere of the city because I only spent around 5 days there, however I am definitely returning there.

Fascinatingly, I must say that the famous metro stations are often smelly with human’ urines. There are quite a number of tramps too. I was really surprised because it is so clean here in the Netherlands and you can rarely spot a hobo here, but Paris (/France) is way bigger. Ooo and there was this drunk in the metro that touched my cheek and insisting on saying konichiwa and ni hao, gosh wish that I wasn’t so shocked that I can deck him or give him the finger. Anyway apart from that, I have never seen so many good looking people per square metre! They are très chic but they smoke like chimney too. This one of the good thing that I love about Europe, it is so diverse: the laid back Spaniard, the glamorous Italian, the funky Brits, and the experimental Scandinavians. I admit that I spent most of my time hanging around the centre area (left bank mostly) so I can’t really conclude it, but I must insist that the French has perfected the art of looking chic, always the understated groomed looks. Enviable indeed, perhaps when I’m older and less experimental I will do it their way.

Tell us your 5 style points

Joined an Indonesian fashion forum last week, hopefully that it can develop into an active and interesting forum. One of the popular topic is about our style points. I'm so afraid that I will end up giving a standard answer and becoming one of those boorish people still gotta give it a shot. To summarize my preference in 5 is kind of difficult for some one as vain as I am but yeah at least these are my style commandments. I always try to stick with them although sometimes they sound so patronising.

1. Fashion is not about wearing the latest collection from the catwalk, it is about looking attractive. It doesn’t hurt when those people stare at you (or me) with admirations (and a tad of envy). Everyone needs their vanities to be flattered and hey you have to be active in that one (spoken like a true narcissus). I don’t think that a 50 years old woman wearing a mini dress and a legging is stylish, not even if you have Susan Sarandon’s figure, unless you are Emmanuelle Alt. Please choose the one that complements your looks best. If you have curves, there is no point of copying Kate Moss, choose Drew Barrymore or Lily Allen instead.

2. Designer piece? Only when I can afford it and turn it into an investment a.k.a. the classics. Several classics that a girl must own: a little black dress, a sexy empowering pair of heels, a reliable bag, a string of pearls, a signature scents, a good tube of moisturizer, a blinding smile and a great confidence. The last one is most important one, look at Beth Ditto, it is most alluring like nothing else.

3. Models are models. They are models because they are the embodiment of the present society’s ideal beauty. And they are the ideal beauties because they have what the rest of the world doesn’t, so I stop begrudging their aliensque figures, if I don’t have it, I simply work on with what I have because no, I did not win that genetic lottery. To think of it, if some people enjoy eating bread with sambal and peanut butter, people also have different tastes on their partners. Actually based on the latest scientific research, human makes their choices of attraction based on the smell, guess that all of those primping simply go into drains. But in case those geeks made a mistake, it is not a bad thing if I still take a good care of my vanity; after all we already evolved from the caveman civilisation. Plan B people!

4. They said that au natural looks took the most efforts, and I thoroughly agree. I invest heavily in a decent moisturizer, a balanced diet and rest. My mom always says that there is no point of wearing heavy make-ups when you will only scare your bf/gf to early grave first thing in the morning. She is pretty wise so I will heed her advice. I supposed that it is definitely an essential investment when you have to start worrying for your wrinkles, unless you don’t mind doing some face jobs (I do because I am scared of needles)

5. When I don’t feel like it, I skip the first 4 points. I simply choose what I want to project from my inner self. I think it is ok to have mistakes, relapses (I still remember that ugly nu rave looks and brownies) or feeling lazy for once in awhile, it proves that I am still human and by no means Anna Wintour. Society pressures will always be present but it is all about enjoying my life, after all it is mine to control. If I have a big figure and happy, I’ll say it is better than being thin and miserable (and it makes you looked aged! Right?).

Kate Moss' one shoulder dress for Top Shop

I fancy this piece of dress from Kate Moss' collection for Top Shop, very cute but unfortunately it is not suitable for my type of body. Nope, no matter how much I wish to be 5 cm taller every Christmas, Mr. Santa is not giving it to me. So I have to pass this, better luck to another girl. If you are interested, please hurry, it will only set you 50£ back and comes in black, white, and lemon. I wonder if they have Kate Moss collection in Top Shop Indonesia or they limit it to UK and the States.


I welcome thee to the newly established Planet Hunky Dory. All shall be well as all shall be fine.


I've left my old haunt Inner Contemplation . If you asked for a reason, there is none but that I want to be more optimistic in my view towards life. Hopefully I'll be more dilligent this time :-)