Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Ideal ensemble for a cocktail night out

Diane von Furstenberg: Luna mini dress
Marc by Marc Jacobs: structured tiered dress
Oscar de la Renta: crochet mini dress
Christian Louboutin: exclusive Emily shoe
Isaac Mizrahi: clutch for Target
Channel Chance eau de parfume
Channel rouge

Monday, 6 August 2007

Tempoe Doeloe (the Old Time)

When I saw the picture from an expat's newsletter in Jakarta, I was deeply impressed and felt compelled to share it. So here it is: Soekarno (the first president of Indonesia) with Marliyn Monroe (a sensual icon even to present day) when he was visiting U.S.A. The story goes that he, a reknowned ladies man (he practised polygamy with 9 wives), requested a special meeting with Miss Monroe. Upon meeting her, he was deep in admiration and complimented her as a very popular accomplished actress.

An end of a series

After a few weeks of abandonment I finally decided to write my opinion about the much anticipated book of the year: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallow. The media campaign was so strong that perhaps the only way to escape Potter mania is by burying yourself in the middle of Baghdad (and that is not 100% full-proofs). I was not particularly excited or curious about result of the final battle between You-Know-Who and the boy who lives. It was the sense of nostalgia that prompted me to finish the series. Harry Potter was one the first English book that piqued my interests to learn English. I am one of the generations that grew up following Harry Potter’s adventures. Rowling has done a good work of making us feel emotionally related to Harry and his friends (I can’t say much about her writing skills although she is definitely a better writer then me). In the end after years of waiting and guessing, I closed the book, finishing it in 8 hours of marathon reading (watery eyes, stiff neck, and all) to conclude that yes, he is growing up like every other average children, leaving the simple world to the disillusionment that everything is not what is seen. No spoiler here people. Enjoy the book. PS: Sincere thank you to Da Fonz for his understanding when I completely ignored him to finish my reading. And for his persuasions so I didn’t throw a tantrum when I didn’t receive my book delivery in time.

Kim et Moi: Asian chicks with attitude

What desperate people do when they are desperately bored.

Friday, 3 August 2007

Blue blue sky

I was walking to my office today in Amsterdam when I saw a very adorable train of clouds. The clear blue sky definitely enhanced the effect. At last after several weeks of miserable rainy and cold summer, the sun decided to peek over her hiding place. I hope that she stays for awhile.