Friday, 26 October 2007

Where is it?

I am still looking for my ideal apartment...

Sunday, 21 October 2007

Serenades to accompany my slow afternoon

Just because I am being receptive towards my amorous sensibilities these days. I present you Edith Piaf, one of French brightest jewel. Her powerful renditions of tragic love songs leaves me feeling breathless holding my tears or simply sigh with wistfulness. Enjoy it with a good glass of wine and a cuddle to the one you love most.

La Môme Piaf and La Vie en Rose

La Môme Piaf and Je ne Regrette Rien

La Môme Piaf and Hymne à L'Amour

Diary of 20/10/07

I got my turban! I am so happy today that I managed to snatch 2 adorable shawls after prowling through the Jordan Market in Amsterdam along with the 'blink and you miss it' turban in H&M, acknowledgement to Modjo who happened upon it and pointed it to me. Grrr I hate living in smaller city with lesser access and options. The turban will get along exquisitely with the rest of my wardrobe to warm my cold cold ears (Yes, I am still moaning about missing the entire summer!). Now, I am still looking for the grey H&M poncho and H&M blue English boy school blazer, anyone who can help me? I haven't seen any of them in the Holland's branches.

It was also a 'blind shopping date' with the girls from FD Forum (Lorelai, Gretha, and Stephanie) who hail from Arnhem. It is a small world baby! Nice meeting you all :-) and we should do it again next time. My limbs are killing me! Too much walking however I truly enjoyed the atmosphere and the the weather was fine, a bit cold, but fine nevertheless. My heartfelt sympathy to England's rugby fans (yes, you too Prince W and Prince H), at least unlike the football team, England rugby managed to exceed everyone's expectation. I can imagine Da Fonz rolling his eyes when he heard my amateur assessment *grin* so I will end it here. It has been a long and busy day for me.

PS: Modjo, duh bagi-bagi yah klo gw ketinggalan majalahnya :-D

Saturday, 20 October 2007

Mood changing music

Busy with many changes in my life (hopeful for a permanent job and looking for a new ideal apartment to share with the guys), often, I am left drained and cranky. To combat my crankiness, or my negative thundercloud as my friend once dubbed it, I have been trying to alter my mood via auditory sensor. And they are good alternative! It rivals the effectiveness of chocolates or shopping in lifting my mood, without the after regret of being broke or worrying over my waist. These singles make me feel like moving my body (which is good, blood circulations and all that stuff) so here I am sharing it with you lot. Hopefully you will feel cheerful after listening to them.

1..2..3..4 by Feist: this Canadian songstress is all about folksy and making me feel like skipping through the air.

Young Folks by Peter Bjorn and John: you simply want to whistle along with them or in my case just humming along.

The Salmon Dance by The Chemical Brothers: apart from the super cute clip, the need to jiggle your bum to complete the beats is irresistible. Credits to Yurie-san for introducing The Salmon Dance as our background music during the 'blowing bubble' competition.

PS: Many thanks to Da Fonz for gifting me a new MP3 player to replace my broken iPod. Now, I can 'joget' and do a sing along in my train commute to work.