Monday, 2 August 2010

Has moved out to

I have been spreading my e-self too thin so I have finally decided to integrate a few of them. Instead of having to update both my blogspot and tumblr, from today on, I will continue on with tumblr instead (I simply find it easier to integrate with the rest of my social media presence too). So my dear readers, please change your bookmark to my new extra terrestial residence :-)

Friday, 30 July 2010

A source of embarassment

It has always been in my mind, how embarassingly lazy I have been with my blog. Twitter has toppled the blog as a favourite medium of mine to share information. It is simply much easier (plus my shoulders have been aching like crazy and my dearest GP told me to stop spending so much time in front of computer). Therefore I am on the mind of closing this blog. Well, at least to stop DM-ing my new Twitter followers to Planet Hunky Dory! In the end, I would like to apologize if you are one of the earlier victims, I am sorry for linking you to a blog that has not been updated for ages.

PS: Sometimes, I imagine blogging is like joining an AA or weight watcher group. I have never been both, but my binge-ing pattern is quite similar. A period of good activity and followed by looooong relapsed.

PSS: OK, I will stop now until I find something witty or clever to say. You can still follow my adventure through my Twitter. Just search/click for JuliaBanana.